Why Smovey? 

ACTIVATES 97% of the muscles = fat burning

VITALIZES 100 million body cells

STRENGTHENS connective tissue

STIMULATES the digestive system & metabolism

IMPROVES lymphatic system = detoxification

SUPPORTS  immune system & thymus gland

STRENGTHENS heart & circulatory system

Smovey was designed to offer an increased level of fitness, happiness, and relief, by stimulating the body and mind in a fun and enjoyable way, free of heavy lifting or impact training.

What is Smovey?


Smovey VIBROSWING-System is a swinging-ring system and consists of a spiraled tube, four steels balls, and a grip with cushioning elements. Smovey is a dynamic fitness product that is like no other. It provides a dynamic upperbody workout that gets you fit while helping to burn more calories and stabilize your back and spine. Each smovey ring weighs 1 lb and includes four metal balls that run freely inside the hollow plastic tubes.  

Swinging the smoveyrings moves the balls inside the rings creating a varying resistance of up to 10 lbs that is dynamically adjusted based on your strength and condition. The movement of the balls also creates a vibration of 60Hz, which is transmitted through the handles of the smovey rings to the palms of the hand.

The vibration acts on the meridians in your palms harmonizing the flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body, providing an exceptional healing effect while working out, leaving you relaxed and revitalized. 

Right from the first swings you can feel the positive effect of swinging and vibration – we call it the Vibroswing Effect. The positive vibration of smovey penetrates the meridians through the palms of your hands and harmonizes the flow of Qi (energy) through the 3 Yin meridians and the 3 Yang meridians, providing an exceptional healing effect while working out. Normally there are stagnations of the Qi due to wrong posture during the day.

Stagnant Qi means lack of flow of energy, which may result in muscle pain, numbness and stiffness of ligaments, joints and spine. Excessive use of joints also wires out the flow of Qi, leading to problems such as frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, Tennis elbow and tendonitis. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reflexology, the palms of the hands include specific pressure points for the inner organs of the body. The rhythm of the smovey vibration regulates the flow of Qi and contributes to the harmony of all organs in the body.


How Does it Work?


Smovey is a harmonically coordinated swinging ring system with free swing mass, which rhythmically and pro-actively accelerates and decelerates the mass of four steel balls when swinging the arms.

The effects which this generates cause many sensory, motor and neuronal stimuli to the muscles, tissues, organs and nerve systems. The massage of the reflex zones of the palms stimulates energy points according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Effects on the entire body system can be varied from relaxation to performance limits with the strength of motion. These attributes make smovey unique.


on the inside of the palm and on the back of the hand are reflex zones for almost all the organs and glands of the body. smovey stimulates these reflex zones through subtle vibrations and has a very positive effect on these organs and glands


our brain is divided in two halves. The right half controls feelings and fantasties. The left half handles critical and analytical thinking and speech and communication. smovey activates and coordinates both halves through bilateral movement and development.


due to the construction of the smovey rings, they produce a frequency of 60 Hz. This is the same frequency that occurs naturally in humans


it is wonderful to be outdoors, and smovey's green color goes prefectly with training in nature. The color green also has a positive effect on us as organisms.


through specifically-targeted balance exercises, you can refine the connection throughout your musculature and conquer sudden movements in your daily life, which helps to prevent falls and injury!


this new form of aqua training for all ages and target groups improves endurance, strength, and flexibility, relaxes the spine, joints, ligaments, and tendons. And it's FUN!


the weight of one smovey unit is, at rest, about one pound. The dynamic movements created through swinging generate a centrifugal force which increases the weight up to around 11 pounds.


whether during the winter or due to inclement weather, at home or at the gym, smovey's multifunctionality makes it the perfect workout tool for an indoor workout as well.

Smovey Effects


  • Burns Fat. Smovey activates 97% of the body’s muscles.

  • Vitalizes over 100 million cells in the body.

  • Fights cellulite.Using smovey strengthens & tightens the connecting tissues that cause cellulite.

  • Mobilizes the digestive system.

  • Accelerates yourmetabolism.

  • Detoxifies by massaging and relieving the lymphatic system.

  • Improves the immune system and the work of the thymus gland.

  • Strengthens the heart and the cardiovascular system.

  • Firms the arms, stomach, legs, and buttocks.

  • Relaxes the muscles– loosens tensions in the neck, shoulders, and back.

  • Bones are strengthened to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Reduces the symptoms of illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis(MS), Alzheimer’s, and arthrosis

Who can use Smovey?

Everyone! smoveyRINGS are suitable for anyone, young or old. They are ideal for:

download (3).png

  • Fitness Enthusiasts – Increases the effectiveness of your fitness program.

  • Everyone who likes to walk – Enjoy nature and train your body at the same time.

  • Losing Weight – The pounds start to fall off, with lots of fun along the way.

  • Elderly people – Gives back mobility, coordination, and security.

  • Aqua Fitness – Joint-friendly exercises in the water.

  • Golf Players – Increases your handicap.

  • Children & Students – Promotes exercise and improves concentration.

  • People with handicaps – Improves fitness and helps the body feel better.

Neurologic Benefits


Parkinson‘s is a complex motorical disorder caused by an obstruction in the part of the motor nervous system that is responsible for background movements such as gestures and facial expressions. This system also controls repetitive movements, as needed for walking.

We still go on fours, swinging counter synchronious with the arms. This resonance is reduced unilaterally when beeing affected by Parkinson‘s. This leads to a destabilization of the entire body and to a failure in the symmetry of movement and the body axis. Through regular exercise with the smovey the uniform resonance of the arms is trained and thus leads to an induced stabilization.

Normally people do all of our manual work in a small physical area of about 60 cm wide, which usualy is just in front of our body, hardly ever reaching a high above horizontal or above. Since we are not in the maximum position the joints allow, the joint capsules begin to shrink and freedom of movement is further decreased. By swinging into the maximum allowed joint position your body is able to improved its freedom of movement rapidly. This is usualy practiced concerning all three spatial axis of movement.

A cardinal symptom of Parkinson‘s is twitching. In practice it has been found that the the passage of four balls in a corrugated tube lead to a vibration of about 60 Hz – a frequency that is somewhat natural to our organism. People suffering from Parkinson's report, that this leads to a significant decrease of twitching.

Since it is the "axial symptoms" of Parkinson's like latitude, change of direction, lie down and roll over in bed, that are seldom positively influenced by medication, regular training with the "magic rings" have an essential importance. The principle applies to ALL neurological diseases associated with a movement disorder. Concerning Parkinson‘s disease and failure of background movement, smovey® is an integral part of therapy.

Prim. Dr. Dieter Volc

Vienna, 1st of August 2012

Orthopedic Benefits

Conservative-orthopedic preliminary remarks!

In keeping with nature’s principle of economy, all organs that are not used will atrophy. Corresponding activation stimuli, which allow the body parts to fulfill their planned functions, counteract this law of nature.

The human locomotor system, which encompasses most of the body, is particularly susceptible to this law which relies on activation and otherwise responds with a general drop in performance along with complaints, aging processes and vulnerability to diseases. The hand as part of the upper extremities is a valuable source of impulses for the entire body. Merely clenching the fists tones the hands, while letting them fall de-tones. The hands, as well as the remaining parts of the locomotor system, transmit important information to the central nervous system which initiates, controls, monitors, verifies and terminates the motor activities desired by us, using the sensorimotor system in order to conduct essential physical activities.

Simply grasping the training device – the grip is an ancient reflex – has an impact on tone, and not just for the upper half of the body. The composition of the ring-shaped device with its contents amplifies sensory input (perceptible signals) regardless of the movement type, thereby training a unit of the locomotor system that may only be perceived as a side effect but constitutes a prerequisite for physical movement: the generation of stimuli and their life processes that are correct for the respective movement and correspond to the functional needs of the locomotor system. This means the target group for the use of “smovey” devices includes people for whom sensorimotor functions, and therefore also dexterity and coordination, are of particular importance even in the face of aging.

“smovey” – VIBROSWING

The smovey is a straightforward, effective training tool and perhaps even a therapeutic device. The smovey VIBROSWING-System is a swing ring system consisting of a spiral tube, 4 steel spheres and a handle system with damping elements. As an orthopedic specialist, I have put the smovey to the test and wish to report on my experiences, both with tests conducted on myself and with the application to other people, especially women.

The use of the smovey is extremely straightforward and intuitive. It awakens an almost childlike interest in novelty and stimulates the play instinct, even among adults. All the people to whom I gave this device started playing with it immediately. Extensive training was not required. One intuitively tries to find the rhythm for the proper use of the smovey. An almost reflexive correction of posture can be observed while walking with the smovey. Naturally, this is particularly pleasing for the orthopedist. The normally protracted explanations of the active principles can be quickly implemented in practice, and work practically by themselves when people use the smovey.
Whether this is due to the vibration that is generated in the handle (which would be an achievement of the nervous system), or whether it is simply a reaction to the centrifugal mass – both concepts are conceivable.

What is important, however, is the posture and movement correction effect which works practically on its own with very little effort. In summary, the following positive aspects can be identified from an orthopedic perspective: A better posture, which is associated with reduced strain on the spine during movements, is easy to achieve with the smovey. Strain on the peripheral joints is also alleviated, since their degree of centering is improved. This is of particular importance in the shoulder region.

The conscious perception of movement, since the smovey only begins to work well by gradually approaching the correct movement pattern. Awareness of your own movements is surely the first therapeutic step, especially for the locomotor system. Improved proprioception can therefore only be viewed positively.