Benefits of Becoming a smovey Trainer

or a Certified smovey Coach

smovey VIBROSWING-System works on Body and Mind-  smoveyUSA -  Get Trained- Become a Smovey COACH

How will I Benefit as a Health and Fitness Professional?

  • Add variety to your clients’ workouts by using the Smovey as a warm-up, full program, or as a group class

  • Get take-away programs including advanced cardio workouts for weekend warriors and balance programs for kits and seniors 

  • This light-weight tool is easy to carry for mobile trainers

  • Provide your clients with a cardio training option that can be made low-impact and easy on joints

  • Become one of the first U.S. Health Care Practitioners to use the Smovey which has proven to be extremely successful throughout Europe

 Part 1: Training & Technique
Part 2: Fundamental Knowledge of the smoveyVIBROSWING-System
Part 3: How to market & promote your smovey business.

*The Guide training workshop and Certification seminar has no previous teaching requirements. You'll receive quality instruction from an official smovey Master-Trainer. You will gain knowledge about this unique product and its' history along with why it has become so popular with people of all ages. 

smoveyGUIDE Training

smoveyCOACH Certification Training

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