This is Your Chance to Become Part of a Very Healthy Business!

Become a certified smovey Coach, Trainer, Therapist or Distributor

After getting professionally trained by our smovey Trainings and Education Academy you can become a certified smovey Coach or smovey Trainer and licensed Reseller and eventually becoming also a product distributor in your local area.

As an independent Entrepreneur you can create revenue with an amazing work from home "lifestyle" business, that gives you the choice to work the hours you want around your current commitments.

The start up costs are low and you will have the opportunity of getting involved in a vibrant and healthy business and generating great income with instruction and reselling  this unique product - while helping other people to improve their quality of life.

smoveyNorthAmerica and ZFIT are divisions of Wellness & Performance Enterprises, Los Angeles, California, who is the exclusive Master Representative of this unique smovey VIBROSWING-System in North America. 

To achieve harmony of mind, body and spirit, our approach to wellness combines a disciplined exercise, nutrition and supplements regimen in connection with the latest industry innovations and specialized health and fitness products.

smoveyNorthAmerica provides a unique concept, know-how and long-term experience to successfully realize your vision of opening your own venture.

If you are interested in becoming a smovey Trainer or also a certified smovey Coach and being part of our selected and qualified distributor network - then please fill out this contact form and we will get back to you after review to discuss your plans in more detail.

Become Your Own Boss

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To Finalize your Registration for becoming a smovey Reseller with US- ID - Please Complete on of the 2 Payment options:

A) Smovey Guide Training Workshop (4 sessions) $149 + the annual smovey reseller fee of $140. Total: $289

 B) Smovey Certification Coach ( 8 sessions) $249 + the annual smovey reseller fee of $140. Total: $389