Dr. Zack Bush discusses the crucial benefits of smovey VIBROSWING-System.

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We have an impending tsunami of Alzheimer’s that were approaching and conventional medicine has admittedly no effective treatment for this. We are here today with DR. Zack Bush and he is going to provide us with some strategies that can address Alzheimer’s and also improve optimal brain performance.

“There are so many facets and then you’ve become expert in many of these. The first thing is not to get overly frustrated at you. If you are starting to feel like your mind is not processing information in memory it is important for you to keep the emotional trauma out of the scenario, because once we start to develop that frustrated hopelessness of our I have dementia that it can really snowball us so quickly. Movement is so critical and the new German medicine that has really been exciting. That what I would really recommend people is to look into something called smovey rings. This smovey ring you can find online and order. They are a basically about the circumference of a tennis racket, about half circle and then s handle in the middle of it and running in (this tube) are vibrating balls that will stimulate the neurons when you are walking and it’s that vibration or stimulation that gets these neurons back in community. So you can be frustrated for brain up here but realise that brain is attached to this handle here. So the more you move the more exercises and stimulation you give your peripheral nerves, the better you are going to preserve that central nervous system. Huge data coming out of there on that front so move move move.”

Doctor Joseph Mercola is osteopathic physician and web entrepreneur, who market a variety of controversial dietary supplements and medical devices through his website www.mercola.com. Mercola provides a forum for many classic crank medical ideas, such as vaccine hysteria and the belief that modern medicine kills more people than it helps. He wrote the best-selling books The No-Grain Diet.

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